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From ski resorts to Fiordland hotels, we understand each project has its own unique challenges. But with 50 years of experience behind us, we specialise in finding solutions. Here’s just a few of the diverse projects we’ve completed in the last five years.

The Hilton hotel 2012 - RHE Mechanical & Flints Plumbing

The Hilton hotel 2012

We provided: Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation
Time: 2 years
Challenges: Five star resort and rock foundations

We designed and installed heating, air-conditioning and ventilation for all 210 rooms of this five star resort. We also fitted their kitchens, conference rooms and swimming pools.

As this was a five-star resort, we adapted our plans to suit the hotel’s specific needs, and ensured our work was of the highest quality. Despite the difficulty of the site being based on hard rock, which created challenges for our expert drainage team, we were able to find solutions and complete the job on time.

Remarkable Ski Field 2015 - RHE Mechanical & Flints Plumbing

Remarkable Ski Field 2015

We provided: the supply and installation of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, plumbing and drainage
Time: 1 year
Key challenges: Location and weather

Despite the mountain location and early snow, we were able to provide our full HEVAC and plumbing services for the Remarkable Ski Field in Queenstown. This included all public areas, as well as the restaurant, reception and ski fitting rooms.

We also fitted two 600KW boilers, both electric and diesel. The project was completed on time and we were very happy with the result.

The Ramada hotel 2015 - RHE Mechanical & Flints Plumbing

The Ramada hotel 2015

Services: Plumbing
Time: 1 year
Challenges: Timing

We recently completed the plumbing for all 54 individual hotel bathrooms of an internationally recognised hotel. The timing was highly important to the hotel as guests were arriving at different times throughout the project.

Fortunately we completed on time and to a high standard.

Medical Centre Wanaka 2016 - RHE Mechanical & Flints Plumbing

Medical Centre Wanaka 2016

We provided: Design, build and installation of air conditioning and ventilation
Time: 6 months
Key challenges: Medical facility

We completed the Medical Centre in Wanaka, and have since completed the neighbouring building, the Enliven Care centre, a rest home for dementia care.

Due to its medical facilities, we personalised our services to this project to create a building that was up to the latest hospital standards and completed in time for its patients.

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